September, Wellness during lockdown

It’s been a long time coming, and thank you for sticking with us.  Finally, we are back in business. To celebrate our return, on Saturday 5th September at 4.30pm we hosted a socially distanced 4-course wine pairing event, resident Sommelier included!!

Great venue, great food, exceptional people!

We were well served, and had so much fun learning about pairing wines.  Anna delivered a thoughtful talk on well being, and had encouraging words as we navigate through these unprecedented times.  

Our guest speaker and new hostess Anna Easton of True Wellbeing is a renowned Life Architect. She helps individuals connect and communicate effectively both within themselves and with the world around them. 

We all have something in our lives that we would like to improve upon such as our sleep or eating habits, our exercise routine, our relationships, how we see our future or just how we think. Whatever habit you might like to change, there is a solution and the first steps are important ones.

 This workshop will give you tools to make those changes that will improve your life in whatever area you desire.  You can make small or large improvements and then apply these methodologies to your life to ramp up your enjoyment, self-value and day-to-day routines.

 So if you have been feeling sluggish, unhappy or stuck in any way, Anna will guide you through her proven methods to help you feel strong, secure and full in control of your life – allowing you to be your very best self by finding your True Wellbeing.

Anna takes her clients from a place of confusion or apathy to an illuminated, conscious and aligned space. Building a robust foundation from which to manifest a world and life – anything you can conjure. Together you can turn it into your reality.

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