Wandsworth Business Awards

On Friday the 11th October, the Single Boss attended the Wandsworth Business Awards held at The Roehampton Club. What a great evening! Businesses from all over Wandsworth in as many different markets as you can think of were in attendance. This was a black-tie event and everyone looked fab.  

Wandsworth business awards at the Roehampton club

We were treated to welcome prosecco and plenty of wine with dinner, which was delicious. The ceremony itself was very entertaining. David Blackmore hosted this part of the evening, very charming and to be honest, we laughed as much as we applauded the winners. Hats off to the Wandsworth Chamber of commerce for organising such a great evening.  

While we didn’t win, The Single Boss was nominated for Entrepreneur of the year and best new business. Regardless, it’s great to have a recommendation and gain recognition amongst our peers. We’re looking forward to next year, and we’re very happy to have attended! Big shout out to our table hello to: