The Authentic Dating Series

What great guys! I met Ahmad and David (both former dating coaches) a little while ago at an event hosted by Hayley Quinn and Siobhan Copland a few months ago. We got chatting and I discovered they run a dating podcast called THE AUTHENTIC DATING SERIES. What a treasure trove of goodies to help men when dating. But ladies it’s absolutely worth a listen to as much of the info is universal. They invited me on (actually I chased them to give me a spot) their show last week.

We jumped on the topic of busy entrepreneurs and professionals, and how the heck do you keep or get balance. Some really insightful information and their viewpoints are, in my opinion right on point. I hope you enjoy this podcast!

Ahmad & David, are former dating coaches, who forged their experiences of human connection and romance in a time before dating apps took over. They are passionate about helping men find a better connection with themselves, their feelings and understanding how to create beautiful relationships. Check out The Authentic Dating Series, and subscribe to the podcast, you’ll be happy you did.