Why we’re here!

Now lockdown has eased we are back to hosting events (although smaller and distanced).  We are active on our Facebook group (TheSingleBossX) please join us here to keep up to date!

People want a story… so here is ours!

The Single Boss Crew!

Jon (co-founder), Rich (co-founder), Anna (hostess)

Dating can be a royal pain! Let’s be honest, if you’re in the market then you know you can’t take it too seriously.. but then, if you just sit on your hands all day, nothing is going to happen. So you have to do ‘something‘!





Before we get on to that something, let me take you back to where this idea came from and maybe you can relate. A while ago, quite a while ago I (Jon, co-founder) was working on a project, actually another dating app, and I ran in to a problem. I never met anyone (romantically), who really understood what it was like to be running a start up on virtually no budget. I never met anyone who understood, why you were working on the weekends, and plugging every penny back in to the business… meaning you we’re kinda broke. It was difficult meeting someone with a similar mind-set. I knew then there was a need to connect entrepreneurs and career driven people, who love what they do, and have this as a focus on life… the “screw it, lets do it” people.


I slept on the idea for a while, doing bit’s of research here and there. Plugging it to my colleagues in my co working space, friends, people I met networking etc. People understood the frustration and liked the idea of meeting people who at least had something fundamental in common. I went to work for the UK’s most successful speed-dating company. Great times and lots of insight in to people and what they were looking for… I gained confidence that this really did have legs! But I slept on it for another year after leaving the company.

Who doesn’t love the phrase… “screw it, let’s do it“. Do you really have that much to loose?

Cheers for this one Mr Branson

THEN, on one August morning I though, literally “Screw it, lets do it” (I think I’d just finished reading the book), “What’s the worst that can happen, no body comes to the event, boo hoo”. So with about 3 weeks to go, I setup the site, booked the venue, printed the cards… and hit my contacts list! The rest as they say is history.

What is that something… getting down to one of our events, meeting some interesting people, maybe creating that spark. But above all, relaxing and having fun!