November, early Christmas doo

What a lovely evening, gathered around the table with some amazing guests, eating drinking and being merry. The homemade mulled wine went down a treat, and hats off to Ponti’s for an amazing three-course meal washed down with some delightful Italian wine!

We arranged this special dinner for small business owners and entrepreneurs as it’s tough enough going it alone or keeping your team streamlined and efficient. Missing out on a Christmas doo just because you’re a small company, simply isn’t cool. We’re glad we were able to arrange such a great evening.

Our resident host and co-founder Richard gave a brief talk before dinner (while we were munching mince pies), updating us on some exciting developments on Introducing Two and gave us a sneak peek at the 2nd issue.

With Christmas cards, Single Boss exclusive gifts, and lots of really good bad Christmas cracker jokes, it really did feel like Christmas came early!

Merry Christmas everyone

Be sure to join us for one of our next dinners or workshops, what to expect:

  • Delicious two or three-course meal
  • Greeted and looked after by our hosts
  • Welcome drink
  • Nibbles
  • Fun and relaxed atmosphere
  • Guaranteed pressure-less interactions
  • Great conversation, surrounded by like-minded people