They can be a bit of a know it all.

With a constant desire to learn, entrepreneurs will know a little about a lot.  But often when it comes to business, they know a fair bit about a lot.  While they no doubt will have to call in the experts when things really get moving.  In the early days they have to be a jack of all trades.  At least in the beginning when resources are tight! 

The result of this is that they will take on almost any job/role/task to get things moving.  And this, as always eats into any free time they may have (again with the free time).  So take it as a bit of a warning in advance, if they are firing up a new idea, time is that precious resource you will be contending for.  But a little bit of patience on your side will be appreciated, and they will find time for you and make up for the previous absence.

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