No.3 – They just need some space.

You know what it like when you’ve had a really busy day, everyone has been at your neck and it hasn’t let up for 8 hours. You just need to take a break. Those days when you go home and just eat a big old pizza all by yourself and go to bed!

Well with #entrepreneurs, imagine most days are like that… mentally. They may not actually have someone breathing down their necks, or barking at them about an overdue presentation, but they are doing it to themselves. Everything is on them, and they don’t have Becks or Kev in the office to shift the blame onto. Every decision is their triumph or pointy lesson learned. This can build and become a bit much, and sadly most entrepreneurs don’t do too well talking about their problems to other non-entrepreneurs. Perhaps they can open up to you!? Either way, if they need a break, it’s not necessarily from ‘you’, they just need space to clear their heads.

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