Love Lessons

We spent a great afternoon with Sarah at the “Women’s Radio London” studios in Convent Garden. Our first time on live radio, so it was a little daunting, but even with that huge radio mic, and busy sound engineer present, Sarah got us to relax and really get into the show.

The topic for the day was loneliness. Particularly, how do people in big cities deal with it. From apps to meet ups to group activities we covered a lot. Of course dating and The Single Boss was a key part of the discussion. Some really insightful information and ideas on how we can people can get on and reduce that empty loneliness feeling. I hope you enjoy this podcast!

Sarah, although currently based in London works globally on a range of businesses in the industry inclusive of date coaching, radio presenting, dating industry journalism, international matchmaking, singles events and dating and relationship coaching. Sarah is passionate about connecting people in love and in business.