Top 10 pitfalls to look out for when dating an entrepreneur

The top 10 pitfalls to look out for when dating an entrepreneur!

Do you already know about these problems?

Being ignored

Money worries


Night Owl hours

Huge differences of opinion

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When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

Harry, from When Harry Met Sally

We asked some relationship experts for their opinions…

This is a perfect insight into the life, habits and thoughts of an entrepreneur, men and women are facing the same pressures with entrepreneurial life. A must read!

Fidel Beauhill, Entrepreneur, life coach, 


One of the most important points to remember when dating an entrepreneur, as with any committed relationship, is the willingness to compromise. You are dating someone who enjoys a certain level of independence and rejects being told what to do. So, be strategic in your approach when wanting your partner to commit to something he/she would typically not be thrilled about. Remember, the ability to listen and meet each other halfway in order to come to an understanding is the key ingredient to being in a successful and healthy relationship.

Trenia Norford, high profile matchmaker,


Building a business doesn’t just take time and hard work… it also takes heart and soul. So it’s easy to overlook romance when you are growing your empire. All too often entrepreneurs fall into the “I’m too busy to date” trap and before they know it lose touch with what it would even feel like to be in a relationship! You may feel like you don’t have anything left to give but strangely there is one main driver that entrepreneurs and new relationships share in common….and that is PASSION.

We have oodles of passion when we are creating our businesses and the same is true when we meet a partner we truly connect with. So imagine how fired up you would be if you had BOTH in your life. In my experience we have more to give when we have balance in all areas of our lives …. not just our careers. It can take your business to another level and drive you on even higher if you have someone who understands you and your motivations… and who shares your passion too.

Sara Davison, divorce coach and entrepreneur,


This E-book is a great insight into the mindset of an entrepreneur. Dating driven and ambitious people can be exciting but also tricky to navigate. This guide will help you suss them out, if you are currently dating or looking for someone awesome.

Helen Packham, leadership and business coach,


This little book gets into the mind of an entrepreneur and their common habits. It helps you understand and appreciate some of their strengths and some of the challenges you can certainly face as you date an entrepreneur. Great book to read for quick insights to help you develop a more compassionate and rewarding relationship with an entrepreneur.

Dr Kathrine Bejanyan, dating and relationship consultant,


I absolutely loved reading ” Top 10 Pitfalls to look out for when dating an Entrepreneur”.

Jon outlines a true representation of what goes on in an Entrepreneur’s world and the challenges some may face keeping a relationship going or indeed finding time to date! I must admit I’ve experienced most of what has been described in the book. As an Entrepreneur in a relationship with a non- Entrepreneur it has not always been easy!

Some Entrepreneurs have a tendency to live and breathe ‘business’ -especially in the early days – forgetting that other areas of their lives may need attention too. We certainly need to set boundaries in place so that we can have quality time with people we love and respect. I often quote: ‘People are Precious’ because without our friends, family, partner where would we be?

Jon shares some practical tips to address the potential pitfalls when dating an Entrepreneur. It’s an excellent reminder that as Entrepreneurs we need to share our Vision and values clearly so that our partner understands why we do what we do how they fit positively in our world.

Ivona Gordon, relationship specialist,


The perfect read for single entrepreneurs, and even better for those dating one. Dating an entrepreneur is a rollercoaster ride – a cliche that is totally apt when it comes to dating someone in startup phase! You’ll ride their highs, be affected by their lows and be their sounding board. Its exciting and scary all at once and the single boss ebook nails exactly what to look out for.

Caroline Brealey, matchmaker and founder,


Well done Jon and Rich! This little e-book is designed to help those who are either dating entrepreneurs or are entrepreneurs themselves, wanting to date, can guide you through some realities of what it can be like. As a dating entrepreneur myself I know how important the health of my business is, and sometimes whilst making sure it’s running smoothly it’s so easy to forget other, more personal and intimate areas of my life. Having this little guidebook to remind me of my priorities is useful – if I miss an important date I make sure the person knows it’s not because of them!

On another note, let’s not get too attached to the label of ‘entrepreneur’ and use it as an excuse to be a bad lover/date/partner and instead, let’s connect with our real human side, really make an effort and enjoy the person we are with.

Miia Koponen, dating expert and coach,

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