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Special Guest: Miia Koponen

We have a special guest for our next event.  It’s a little different from our usual mixers, we’re joining Miia Koponen for brunch at our favourite restaurant Pontis Italian and you’re welcome to join us, the topic on hand will be “How to become the best version of yourself in order to attract the right partner for you?”

A little bit about Miia: Miia Koponen creates bespoke solutions for singles who are frustrated with their current dating results. Miia solves their struggle in finding a partner with her unique Nordic approach which will give her clients more confidence in understanding what they want. Once they are clearer about their wishes her clients start attracting more right kinds of people and situations in their lives and from there onwards her clients feel much more in control of their love and intimate lives attracting the relationship they truly want.
Miia Koponen also offers matchmaking by request.

Saturday 23rd March

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Is this for me? If you kick-ass, YES!

Professionals working 9-5 plus an extra couple of hours who kick ass and take names...

Entrepreneurs and startups who have long forgotten how many hours are in a day...

And let us not forget the business owners who are burning the candle at both ends...

If we're talking to you and you're single then YES, this event is for you, and we're looking forward to welcoming you and introducing you to other like-minded people. This is the home of the single boss!
chance you'll meet someone you like
interesting conversations
entertaining evening

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Event Organiser

#TheBoss, would lose his head if it wasn't screwed on.


    Kick-Ass Hostess

    #BossLady, #gymbunny, certified workaholic, but knows when to let her hair down.


      Kick-Ass Host

      #BossMan, #non-pc, creative, chatty, certified matchmaker.


        Kick-Ass Hostess

        #BossLady, #welltravelled, not sure there is anywhere she hasn't been.

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